Chavannes-de-Bogis, Switzerland, Sept 21, 2013

The area around Chavannes-de-Bogis

Today, I hit a wall, figuratively speaking. My body, especially my knees, told me it was a rest day. I had a really bad night, with a lot of pain that even the prescription pain killer had a challenge overcoming.

So today I stayed at the hotel, while Stephen checked out the surrounding area.

In the morning, he went for a 13 km walk. He came home, we had lunch in the hotel restaurant (about $100 for a couple of salads, some ice cream, cold drinks, and a small glass of wine each - after all, we are in wine country).

We had seen a display in the hotel lobby indicating that a person could rent a bike for 20 francs for 2 hours. And Stephen, being the ardent biker that he is, got one and took off. He did about 20 kms on the bike, and came back to the hotel satisfied.

This shot from my mapping software shows his two trips. I have also identified the location of the hotel with a green flag, to give you a bit of context. The purple track is his morning 13km walk, and the red track is his afternoon 20km bike ride.

Stephen's photos

Here are what Stephen found interesting. First, the town of Coppet.

The town of Mies, starting with a map that is really useful if you're trying to figure out where you are and where you should go when you have never been in a place before.

The town of Tannay.

A walled pathway near Tannay.

The sign indicated that this house is where you can find a "precision mechanic". I would guess that mechanics make good coin!

Grapes (because Stephen knows I need some Flora in my travelogues).

Polo Club Grounds

And some deer (or something) neer the Polo Club Grounds (because Stephen knows I need some Fauna in my travelogues).

In the morning walk, Stephen did not get close to the water. In his afternoon bike ride, he did get close to the lake. Here is the pier at Coppet.

And a view of Lake Geneva (aka Lake Léman).

And a mansion in the town of Founex.

I trust that I feel more enthusiastic tomorrow.

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