La Sauge Nature Conservation Area, Switzerland, Sept 19, 2013

La Sauge: Intro

It turns out that the boat trip we took our first day here has really been a useful source of information for a lot of our travels this week.

One of the sightseeing spots that they mentioned was the La Sauge Bird Sanctuary and Nature Center. They mentioned several trails, which looked flat (a bonus!). So today had good weather, and off we went.

This Google Map shot shows the general area. Our hotel is at A, and where we parked is in the small town of Cudrefin, at B.

This Google Earth shot shows our hike, all 8.8 kms of it, starting at the left in Cudrefin, and turning around at the right at the Nature Center Building (with toilets - yes!!).

You will notice a lot of forest for this hike - and I do love walking in the forest.

The hike

The first part of our hike took us right by Lake Neuchâtel. Some views of the lake:

That's the city of Neuchâtel off in the distance.

At one point, there was a fallen log heading out into the lake. Stephen took the opportunity to test his balance - successfully, I might add!

Now for some shots of the trail - mostly really easy walking.

Until we got to this section, which I admit was off of the main trail - the loop that we took near the east end was a minor trail. Now it is a minor trail covered with huge piles of mud and roots that we had to bushwhack around. That is Stephen off in the distance - at this point, I'm still plodding my way alongside the mud.

One interesting sight was Mont Vully in the distance, also touted as a destination for hikers when we took the boat ride.

We also passed by a major campground - it looks as though people set up their sites as permanent residences, whether they live in them or not.

Flora and Fauna

I'll start with the fauna.

First, birds on the lake.

I was pleased to be able to get this shot of a frog.

And, as usual, my collection of flowers. This looks a lot like a lilac, but it seems to be the wrong season.

These look like orchids - we saw masses of them.

And other pretty flowers.

Berries - such a bright shade of red.

For part of the section where we were off the beaten track, we were next to a big field containing incredibly tall grass. The I-was-here shot shows how high the grass was.


Back in Biel, a couple more posters for the world-famous Eis Hockey Club of Biel. I love the T-shirt!

Le jour de match. Quotidien oublié. Ce rituel est sacré. Trouver des amis. Rire. Chanter. Il y a que la jaune-rouge qui compte. We follow. Mon club. Pour toujours. Biel-Bienne.

The match day. Daily forgotten. This ritual is sacred. Find friends. Laugh. Sing. There are the yellow-red that counts. We follow. My club. Forever. Biel-Bienne.

Au début de la saison, on espère. Au milieu de la saison, on y croit. À la fin de la saison, on sait. On va y arriver. De tout notre coeur avec passion. Combat. Ça c'est Bienne. C'est nous.

At the beginning of the season, you hope. In the middle of the season, you believe. At the end of the season, you know. You will get there. With all our hearts with passion. Combat. That's Bienne. This is us.

And, on a totally unrelated subject, we saw several posters advertising a bank, trying to tell us that we should bank with them because they are purple (shades of Naheed Nenshi). The posters say "Your lilac bank for life". Interesting marketing!!

Tomorrow, we leave Biel and head for a small town just north of Geneva, called Chavannes-de-Bogis.

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